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We want to add many more graphs available at runtime as well as graphs on reports
We want to add more ICU scoring systems such as SAPS III and APACHE III
We want to link an ICD10 code to every AIS90 injury. This will be a mamoth task as there are more than 3000 AIS90 injuries.
We want to make the visual asthetics of the program suit your Windows themes.
We want to add a better reporting facility so that users can create their own report structures and save them for future use.
We want to make an easier to use query screen to allow 'filtered' data
We want to add an 'export to PDF' feature
We want to add a better 'export to excel' feature
Although most if not all of the updates will be implemented we may decide against implementing some of them for whatever reasons.

We will constantly strive to provide good value for your money.
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We aim to add a 'Replicate' function. Hospital groups will have their multiple individual hospital's data automatically and seamlessly sent to 'Head Office' to be combined on a main MediBank program with no user intervention whatsoever daily. The Head Office system will always have an up to date combined record set for management to be able to monitor their units from their desks. This will be accomplished using a FTP protocol and a direct connection is not necessary.
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MediBank Lite
Incorporating of the South African Triage Score. A Triage screen is displayed in the EU waiting area telling patients exactly when they can expect to be treated.
New features
Replicate and
Add an indicator that will instantly show which modules have not been completed yet per patient without having to go into each module to check.