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MediBank lite is a version of Medibank that was created for users who do not require an in depth capture of patient records.

Medibank lite allows for the capture of:
MediBank LITE
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MediBank Lite
Page Last Modified 03/12/2008
New features
Replicate and
Patient Demographics
The full version of the Medibank Triage tool
Incident capture
Drugs used
Procedures performed
Consumables used
Days spent in hospital
Time spent in EU
Reasons for hospital admission
A full Query system allowing filtering of specific data
The ability to export the filtered data to Excel or create custom reports
Medibank Lite can also be used on a Terminal Services type network. Each hospital will then only see the data they enter. At Head Office a complete list of all hospitals' data can be viewed.

Information such as:

What times are the busiest times in the unit?
Is the staff allocated able to cope with the patient numbers? Do we have too many or too few staff on certain days?
Which hospitals see the highest severity of injuries?
Are the patients seen in time according to their Triage data?
Which units perform well and which need assistance?
Are the consumable items all accounted for?

is instantly accessible.

This is a picture of the main capture screen. Click on it to get a better view:
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