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Pentium 4 3 ghz PC
512 Meg Ram
80 Gig hard drive with a minimum of 25% free disk space
A screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1024 X 768 (17" CRT or 15" LCD) ** THIS IS A NECESSITY**
A Windows compatible network if a multi-user system is to be installed
An Internet connection which will allow a remote connection using Ultra VNC for support purposes or a 56K modem for direct dial support.
MediBank will run on most Windows XP or above based PC's. It is not a resource intensive program. It is also a networkable program and will run on any Windows compatible network. A SERVER is not a necessity. One of the workstations can be used as a SERVER.

The following is a recommended minimum hardware specification:
CLICK on the diagram above for a larger view.

This is a typical multi-user MediBank installation. The SERVER PC may also be used as a workstation. The EMERGENCY UNIT has a computer which is used to enter all patient data at the time of admission. The PC in the EU waiting area is used solely for the purpose of displaying patients waiting to be treated to the public. See the Triage section for more information about this feature. If the patient is admitted to ICU, the ICU staff will call up the patient's record and enter all relevant ICU data. The DOCTOR'S OFFICE PC is used to enter all the ISS injuries, procedures and complications with all relevant ICD10 codes. The MEETING ROOM PC is used to project data to a screen for the purpose of meetings. The above is purely a suggested means of using MediBank. It can be used in any way relevant to your hospital.
We recognise that the security of a Patient Registry is of utmost importance. We have therefore integrated a secure yet flexible user access method. The design of the MediBank security module is as follows:
The system operates on a Login Name and Password basis to prevent unauthorised access.
Each user has his/her own Login Name allowing access only to the information that person has been authorised to access.
Some users can be given the ability to 'View Only' and cannot change information.
Deleting a patient's full records involves a certian process that makes deleting by mistake impossible.
MediBank addresses all these security issues. The program's security module works as follows:
Each user is added to the system assigning that user a User Name and Password.
Each user can be assigned rights on a per screen basis allowing individual View, Change, Add or Delete rights.
Simply highlighting a patient and pressing Delete will not delete that patient if he/she has any data added to his/her records.
Click on Glasses to see an image of the screen.
Should you have any other security questions or suggestions please Email the address at the bottom of the screen. We appreciate any feedback.
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