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Page Last Modified 03/12/2008
Replicate is a MediBank feature which is used to combine data from more than one hospital onto a central server PC via the FTP protocol. The data that is sent is encrypted for security. The result is a version of MediBank running at Head Office containing data from all it's hospital branches. The Head Office can now print reports on all hospitals or on a specific hospital and has instant access to any individual hospital's data.

Because MediBank uses FTP to propogate data it does not need a 'dedicated line' between hospitals and Head Office. Each hospital sends data twice daily, or at any predetermined time selected, to a central FTP site. This can be done over the Internet so the MediBank PCs at each individual hospital can be standalone PCs with Internet access. They do not need to be on a computer network.

A program called a Log Manager runs at the same time as MediBank and logs all inserts, changes and deletes to the specific hospital's data. The LogManager then sends this file to Head Office which then adds these changes to the server program patient list. There is no additional charge for Replicate and it is included as standard.
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MediBank incorporates a triage system based on the South African triage score (formerly the Cape triage score). The triage outcome is automatically calculated using the tool provided by MediBank. Click on the diagram below for an expanded view of the triage entry screen.
The Triage screen is used to automatically calculate the severity of the patient's condition and provide a guide as to the urgency of treatment. The triage officer enters the Mobility, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Systolic BP, Temperature, AVPU and whether the patient is a Trauma case. The program automatically calculates the TEWS Score. The Discriminator screen is then enabled and can be selected for a more accurate assessment. A colour is then automatically calculated for each patient depending on the patient's severity.

A screen displaying all patients waiting to be treated with their allocated triage colour and expected treatment times is visible to your patients in the Emergency Unit waiting area. That screen is displayed below. When the patient is treated the treatment time is entered and the patient is automatically removed from the list. This screen informs your patients how long they can expect to wait before they are treated and our reseach shows that this cuts down patient complaints about waiting time by 90%. The Target Treatment Time for each colour can be modified for your unit.
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